February, the month of Amethyst

In the previous article, we told you about a centuries-old tradition in various cultures around the world: lucky charms matched to the month of birth.

Now we would like to tell you all the interesting facts about the queen gemstone of February: Amethyst.

This gem is extremely old: it was known and used by Egyptians, Sumerians and Babylonians, who wore it as a talisman; it can also be found during the Middle Ages, in papal jewellery.

We would like to offer you a selection of jewellery featuring this gemstone. Are you ready to find the perfect gift for those born in February?


N. 1

Rose gold earrings, with

amethyst and pink sapphires

The name Amethyst comes from the ancient Greek word methustos, meaning 'intoxicated'. Ancient wearers believed that the gemstone could protect them from drunkenness!


These earrings from MIMI's Happy collection seem like a great gift idea for those born in February! The amethyst sparkles thanks to the briolette cut, and the pink sapphires amplify this explosion of colour!

N. 2

Gold bracelet with

amethyst and prasiolite

According to crystal therapy, amethyst protects against nightmares and strengthens the ability to dream, increases self-esteem, bolsters willpower, memory and self-control.


This bracelet with purple pearls and amethyst is the perfect gift for those who want to carry their lucky charm with them! It also hides a small treasure: a purple sapphire is set on the back of the pearl clasp; a detail you can't help but love.

N. 3

Rose gold bracelet,

white cultured pearls and amethyst

Amethyst is composed of quartz, the second most abundant material found in the earth's crust! The main deposits of this gemstone are found in Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and India, but also in the United States, Russia and Madagascar.

In Europe, the most important deposit is located in Germany, in the valley of the Nahe River; this site was discovered in Roman times.

February is usually a cold and dark month; this ring immediately recalls the cheerfulness of summer!

N. 4

Rose gold bracelet,

purple cultured pearls

and amethyst

Irradiation, iron impurities and the presence of trace elements give Amethyst its distinctive colour.


In this bracelet, we have all the shades of pink and purple: the warm hue of 18k gold, the lustre of Freshwater purple cultured pearls and the magic of amethyst, enhanced to its fullest with a faceted cut. Also, we almost forgot: the clasp is heart-shaped.

N. 5

Rose gold earrings,

sapphires and amethyst

The Mohs Scale is used to measure the hardness of a mineral. This unit of measurement is named after the mineralogist who devised it in 1812 and refers to the hardness of ten minerals, numbered progressively from 1 to 10. The level on the scale is determined by the ability of one mineral to scratch or be scratched.


Amethyst ranks highly on this scale: hardness 7. This makes it an excellent option in the world of jewellery in terms of strength and durability.

N. 6

18k rose gold ring,

violet cultured pearls

and amethyst

The most well-known and characteristic colour of amethyst is purple. However, the shades of this gemstone can range from a light pinkish purple to a deep purple, with the colour turning more towards red or more towards blue. Amethyst can also be found in shades of green; in this case, its name is Prasite.


At position 6 we selected this ring because the purple is so intense, that for us, it is pure poetry.

N. 7

Rose gold earrings,

amethyst and

purple cultured pearls

Let's now talk about the cut of this gemstone: amethyst shines in all its beauty with any cut. Sometimes, however, the same stone can have layers or variations of tone, in which case the cut is fundamental in defining how to enhance the colour.

These earrings enhance the transparency of amethyst with a heart-shaped cabochon cut. Add in the elegance of purple pearls and there you have it! The perfect gift for eternal romantics.

N. 8

Rose gold pendant, amethyst,

mother-of-pearl and diamonds

This pendant deserves a description of its own.

From MIMI's iconic Romeo and Juliet collection: 18k rose gold, a diamond pave on the pendant bail and a heart-shaped cabochon-cut amethyst, with mother-of-pearl.

The heart spins, you can fiddle with it and be transported to the world of dreams, faithfully guarded by amethyst.

N. 9

Rose gold pendant, amethyst

and pink sapphires

Amethyst is not only the lucky stone for those born in February, it is also used to celebrate the sixth and seventeenth years of marriage.


A pendant with amethyst is the right amulet for all situations; light and precious, it will accompany you in every moment of the day.

N. 10

Leverback earrings

pink gold and amethyst

The tradition of lucky stones, linked to the period of birth, has been alive for centuries in many cultures around the world. February is a gloomy winter month, and the intense, vivid colour of amethyst is a beautiful contrast that immediately puts you in a good mood.

For those who love the most sophisticated jewellery, we offer these large gold leverbacks with cabochon amethysts. A timeless classic!

Do you want to discover our entire selection of jewels with Amethyst?

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