How to choose this token of love

The origins of the engagement ring

The tradition of the engagement ring has ancient origins and is difficult to date.


It is thought that the ancient Egyptians invented the engagement ring and that this tradition was later adopted by the ancient Greeks. However, we can only trace its history with certainty as from ancient Rome.


At first, the rings were made of simple iron. Only later did they begin to use noble metals, precious stones and engravings.


Like today, the ring was worn on the ring finger of the left hand: this finger was thought to contain a vein connected to the heart (the vena amoris). This belief became popular through various writings from medieval times and is so deeply rooted that it lives on today.

Tradition in the Modern Age

The popularity of the engagement ring fell sharply after the First World War.


The large diamond mining and export company 'De Beers' decided to launch an advertising campaign in 1938 to revamp their popularity.

Hollywood actresses and fashion designers began to promote the use of diamond rings and within a few years, sales rose by 55%.

The famous slogan 'A diamond is forever' was written in 1947 by copywriter Frances Gerety and immediately became iconic! In 1965, an estimated 80% of American women wore an engagement ring.


De Beers also suggested the ideal price for this token of love: one net monthly salary! In the 1980s, the figure rose again to two salaries. Of course, there is no obligation; we are still talking about a symbol of love, and as we all know, love is priceless.

Etiquette dictates that the ring should be given by the man exactly one year before the wedding, but nowadays there are no strict rules to follow.


More and more often, people are deciding together to get married, or women are proposing. In this case, buying a ring becomes a moment shared by the couple, and the choice can even fall on two diamond bands instead of only one ring for the bride-to-be.

The classic engagement ring remains a classic, dreamed and desired by many girls. Its magic lies in its symbolism: the promise of eternal love.


In time, it becomes a family jewel to be preserved and passed on, a jewel that tells our story and accompanies us every day. A gift of love.

How to choose the perfect ring

The best known and most popular model is the classic diamond solitaire in white gold; however, you can also opt for different models depending on the taste of the person destined to wear it.

Taking inspiration from the world of VIPs, one could perhaps opt for blue sapphires, like Lady Diana's engagement ring, which Princess Kate proudly wears today. 

 Another option is a ring with a large pearl at the centre, like the one received by La La Land actress Emma Stone. Elegant and modern at the same time.

Likewise, a coloured stone was the choice for Irina Shayk's engagement ring: a white gold frame with an emerald surrounded by a ring of diamonds.

Back to the royal sphere, we can mention Meghan Markle's engagement ring: a Trilogy with a yellow gold frame. The central diamond was purchased, while the two side ones come from a brooch that belonged to Lady Diana. The ring was designed by Prince Harry, who told the press that he strongly wanted to use a piece of his mother's jewellery "to make sure that she is there on this crazy journey with Meghan". So cute!

Buying an engagement ring online

Marriage is one of life's happiest moments! Therefore, choosing an engagement ring should be done with care and by relying on serious and certified jewellery brands.

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They will also help you determine the correct size and the engraving you want to carry; you will define every detail together.

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