Our disclosure on cookie and pixel tag

Lurich gathers and records information originating from your browser during the use of our Websites, which can include personal data. We use a variety of methods, such as cookies and pixel tags, to gather such information, which can include: IP address; unique identifier of cookies, information on cookies and information on the availability of device software to access certain functions; unique identifier of device and type of device; domain, browser type and language, operating system and system settings; country and time zone; previously visited websites; information on your interaction with our websites, such as clicks, purchases and preferences; access times and referral URLs. 

Third parties could also gather information from Websites through cookies, third party plug-ins and widgets. Third parties gather data directly from your web browser and the processing of such data is subject to the respective privacy legislation.

We use cookies and pixel tags to monitor the use of Websites by our clients and to understand their preferences (like their choices of country and language). This allows us to provide services to our clients and improve their online experience. Furthermore, we use cookies and pixel tags to obtain aggregated data related to the website’s traffic and to the interaction on the website, to identify tendencies and obtain statistics in order to be able to always improve our Websites. Our Websites use primarily three types of cookies:

  • Functional: these cookies are necessary for the and are therefore always enabled. Functional cookies include cookies that allow users to be remembered when they navigate on the Website in a single session or, if required, from one session to the other. They help make possible the formation of the purchase cart and the process of payment, as well as provide assistance for issues related to security and conformity to legislation.

  • Session: From the first access these cookies allow the website to function correctly and allow you to view contents on your device recognising the language and market of the Country from which you chose to connect. If you are a registered user, they will allow you to be recognised and access the services offered in the dedicated areas. Session cookies are technical cookies and are necessary to the functioning of the website.

  • Social media and ads: cookies related to social media offer the possibility to connect to social networks and share contents from our websites through social media. Advertisement cookies (from third parties) gather information to help better personalise the ads according to your interests, within and out of our Websites. In some cases, these cookies require the processing of your personal data. Refusing such cookies can cause the visualisation of ads not relevant to the user or make it impossible to effectively connect through Facebook or other social networks and/or share contents on social media.

Most browsers are configured to accept, control or occasionally disable cookies through settings. We remind you, however, that disabling session cookies or functional cookies can cause the website to malfunction and/or limit the service we offer.

We use cookies to personalize content and analyze traffic. If you choose to continue using our website, you consent to the use of our cookies. info